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SCENTilicious Designer Fragrances

Generic Fragrances and French Perfume

For over ten years, we have been hand pouring our generic perfumes with love, and we plan to continue for a long time to come.

SCENTilicious offers a premium, exclusive and personalised generic fragrance experience – underpinned by a quality offering and service excellence. We keep our customers smelling great at a fraction of the price of the original perfume houses.

We import only the highest quality, grade A essential oils, from Grasse, France. Each bottle is individually hand poured in our factory and delivered direct to you. Because there are no fancy bottles or boxes, we can keep our prices low, passing on maximum value and affordability to you, our loyal customers.

Our perfumes are inspired by the popular brands that are selling for hundreds, some of them thousands of rands in retail stores.

SCENTilicious Fragrances are oil-based “Eau de Parfum”.

This means we use a higher concentration of the Essential oils, 20%, as opposed to 2-4% in an Eau de Cologne,  4-6% in an Eau de Toilette or 8-15% in an Eau de Parfum.

Fragrances consist of a mixture of Essential Oils, alcohol and an emulsifier which blends the oils with the alcohol or “carrier”. Unlike store bought perfumes we do not make use of any chemical additives or water in our blend.

Enjoy personal service, amazing quality generic perfume, incredible savings and have it delivered to your home or office. We keep you smelling gorgeous all year round.

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